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Get to know the Cut 'N Edge Lawncare Crew

Brandon Stewart


A true local, Brandon was born and raised in Mount Pleasant. He was in the band at Wando High School and graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina. With his new culinary degree, he made his way back home spending most of his early adulthood cooking, serving and managing restaurants. He realized his passion for making people happy with his food, but he wanted to start something of his own.


One day, Brandon’s mom needed a lawn service, but her lawn care provider wasn't returning her calls. Fed up, she asked her son for help finding a new lawn care provider.

Brandon surprised her by coming back from a hardware store and mowed the lawn himself. The look on his mother's face staring at her new manicured lawn was all it took. That day, Brandon found his purpose in providing the same look of relief and gratification to other people in his community with his professional level lawn care. He would make sure his customers never had to wonder when or if he was coming, nor be dissatisfied with the way their property looked. What started as one small yard in a neighborhood in 2016 turned into Cut ‘N Edge Lawncare servicing Residential and Commercial Properties in Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island and Awendaw.


Whilst operating Cut ‘N Edge Lawncare, Brandon is designing a new business focused on helping the lawn care industry. The business will be a place for everyone from rookie landscapers to veterans, from weekend warriors to prospective owners to have a one-stop shop for anything from supplies and equipment to taking a quick lunch to networking with other landscapers in the area. 

Kelley Stewart


Kelley is dedicated to living local. Raised in Mount Pleasant, she was also in the band at Wando High School with Brandon. She earned her Master’s Degree in Accountancy from the College of Charleston and is currently using her degree to help business owners everywhere understand the financial side of their small business. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Chance and Zelda, taking naps, and playing video games on her Playstation and Switch. While she doesn’t care for birds or fish, she does aspire to have a reptile as a pet one day. She hopes to move to the countryside of Awendaw to start a small farm complete with chickens, barn cats, and working dogs. Currently she is a licensed beekeeper caring for multiple hives in Charleston.

Kelley thinks gardening is another way to relax after a long day, and she enjoys taking care of a variety of plants and shrubs. The peace of mind that comes from viewing a well kept yard is a feeling she wants to help provide to the community. From daily logistics and paperwork behind the scenes to servicing lawns out in the field, she makes sure Cut 'N Edge always runs smoothly.