Lawn Service

We offer weekly and bi-weekly (every other week) services. Lawn mowing service includes mowing, trimming lawn perimeter, edging the flower beds and concrete borders, and blowing any debris. Lawn Service / Groundskeeper services are is available year round.

Mulch Installation

Fresh mulch instantly improves the curb appeal and flower bed health. We can work with you to beautify your lawn beds by using local organic pine bark mulch. We do not use dump/ landfill products. Weed Control and bed clean outs are available for an additional cost with all mulch applications.

Mulch Available: Brown Cypress - Natural Cypress - Black Pine - Brown Pine (Most popular!)- Red Pine - Double Ground Hardwood Mulch - Pine Bark Nuggets - Playground Chip

HOA & Commercial Management

Our Team creates custom estimates and proposals for commercial properties. In addition to providing exclusive benefits, our groundskeeper services give business owners complete property maintenance within budget. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Edging Service

Has your grass overgrown the sidewalk or driveway? Did you get an HOA notice in Mount Pleasant or Awendaw? No worries, we will Cut 'N Edge the borders to revitalize the curb appeal. Collection and removal of debris included.

We install a variety of selections including; metal, steel, rubber and stone. For a better edge, call Cut 'N Edge Lawncare.

Hedge Trimming

Taking care of Trees and Shrubs around the property is just as important as the lawn. We use our experience and knowledge to cut your hedges to allow proper growth while maintaining adequate distance from structures. We can also trim and shape hedges, trees, and shrubs to your preference. Trimming services are available on a monthly schedule or by request. Tree trimming is limited to 15 ft

Design & Plant Installation

Whether you have a new idea or new plants, we can help you with installation every step of the process. From soil type to location, Cut 'N Edge Lawncare will ensure proper installation is conducted.


500 square feet per pallet 

Grass Types:

Emerald Zoysia - Centipede - Bermuda - Zenith Zoysia - St. Augustine 

Cut N Edge Lawncare offers years of experience in sod installation and maintenance for residential and commercial properties. We provide full sod installation including grading, fertilizer and watering instructions. Call today to schedule a quote.  

Pine Straw

Stump Grinding